PRIME exercises a "Safety First" attitude in all areas of work and at all levels of our company. We take great measures to insure the safety and health of all our employees. PRIME has a full time Safety Manager, as well as Field Safety Inspectors, who are on the jobs daily.

Much effort is spent in the hiring process to assure that each new employee understands PRIME's overall Safety Policy and Procedures as well as their expectations of that individual regarding safety. All prospective employees undergo a pre-employment drug and alcohol urinalysis. Following this, and prior to them starting work, each employee receives a General Safety Orientation and detailed Site Safety Training Orientations. They are also issued new Safety Equipment, such as Hard-Hat, Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, Work Gloves, a Full Body Harness and a PRIME Safety Manual. PRIME has at least two employees on each job that have been certified through the American Red Cross for First Aid and CPR.

All PRIME job sites hold daily safety meetings to discuss the safety issues that will be involved on their sites that day. These are conducted by the Foreman at the beginning of each day prior to beginning work and are documented and signed by all in attendance. Once a week there is also a "Safety Training" meeting that is conducted by the Safety Director, who selects a topic related to the work environment on that particular site.

PRIME is tough on Safety. PRIME cares about the health and safety of our employees and the environment in which they work.

PRIME exercising it's "Safety First" attitude, insures that each job will be done in a safe, timely manner, allowing each of our employees to concentrate on the quality of work that your company deserves.

Table of Contents

1.    General Health and Safety Policies

2.    Accident Investigation Procedures

3.    Bloodborne Pathogen Program

4.    Site Safety Committee

5.    Confined Space Entry Plan

6.    Electrical Safety Program

7.    Excavation and Trenching

8.    Fall Prevention Program

9.    Fall Protection Plan

10.    Fire Safety Program

11.    Flammable Liquids

12.    Hazard Communication Plan

13.    Hearing Conservation

14.    Hot Work & Welding Safety

15.    Housekeeping & Material Storage

16.    Ladder Safety

17.    Lockout - Tagout Program

18.    Machine Guard Program

19.    Office Safety

20.    Personal Protective Equipment

21.    Respiratory Protection Program

22.    Task Safety Analysis

23.    Tool Safety Program

24.    Training Program

25.    Forms

26.    First Aid/CPR

27.    Project Safety Management/Contractor Responsibilities